Veggie Salad Spinner 24cm Red

SKU: 1001.027.01
Prepare impressive fresh and wholesome greens, fruits and vegetable salads in minutes. With our no- mess convenient salad spinner, using its easy to turn spin knob, you can wash, spin dry and serve in the same bowl, adding color and nutrition to the table setting.
  • Easy-to turn knob
  • Add and drain water without removing lid
  • Clear base can be used as serving bowl
  • Super-fast geared mechanism for left & right handed use
  • Non-slip base
  • Drain straight from the lid
  • Locking Lid
  • 3 Step Action: Wash, Dry and Drain
  • Wash: Add water through lid as you spin-wash greens
  • Dry: Spin again to remove excess water and dry greens, fruits or vegetables
  • Drain: Tip spinner to pour out water through the opening in the lid