Rox & Roll Whisky Glass 300ml Set with Stainless Steel Ice Ball, Tongue and Pouch

SKU: 1124.013.00
Never worry about ruined cocktail caused by melting ice again. Rox & Roll Stainless steel ball that will cool your fine drinks... without diluting - while playfully rolling in your drink and never melting down! By rolling the ball around the thumb-hole you will feel the aroma of the whiskey in the air, intensifying the taste while enjoying the rolling motion.
  • Set includes: Stainless steel ice ball, glass, canvas pouch & tongue
  • Place the Rox & Roll stainless steal ice ball in the canvas bag, freeze for a minimum of 2 hours. Use the stainless steel tongue to gently place the stainless steel ball in the glass. Savour your favorite drink withought compromising the taste.
  • 300ml