Tandem 6Pc Coin Whiskey Set

SKU: 3097.075.06
Experience your favorite whiskey with the perfect glass while the dollar coins keep it cold and undiluted. The stylish shape gives them a distinctive European design. Tandem glasses were crafted for the uncompromising whiskey connoisseur and will enhance the enjoyment of single malts as well as aged blends. This “cool” silver like coins is designed to keep your fine drinks cold and most importantly undiluted. They are odorless and tasteless and can be used in any beverage. Use them as scotch rocks or wine stones, in your beer, protein shakes, water, pop or juice. Use the ice tongue to remove the chilling stones from the glass as you wish. Beautifully gift boxed
  • 6 piece set includes: 2 whisky tumblers, 2 stainless steel icy money coins, 1 ice tongue and 1 canvas storage bag
  • Cools without diluting - designed to keep your fine drinks cold and most importantly undiluted
  • Rinse before the first use. Freeze the coin for at least 2 hours before placing in a glass. Shake it to see if you can still here the liquid, if you can, then it’s not ready yet. We suggest at least 2 coins per glass.
  • These chillers are dishwasher safe, but rinsing under a tap is all they need