Tourbillon Wine Aerating Carafe 0.75L

SKU: 2251.040.00
Enjoy your wine like a true connoisseur with the tourbillion aerating decanter, designed to accentuate the flavours and aromas of both red and white wines. This modern twisted decanter serves both purposes; as a decanter and aerator and not only does it give your wine a smooth finishing taste, but it’s also beautiful to watch as the wine cascades through the decanter and it’s a stunning centrepiece.
  • Simple to use; Fill and Pour
  • Just by filling the decanter into the wide opening will enhance the presentation and aeration of your wine
  • The aerating "waves" help to open up your wine as you fill the decanter, swirl and serve
  • Aerates your wine twice: once when you pour it in and again when you serve your guests
  • Extra wide spout allows easy filling and pouring