Bronze Metal Serveware

Bronze Metal Serveware

Introduce an element of style and elegance to your kitchen with these Bronze Metal Bowls. Its clean, minimal design features elevated edges. Bronze on the outside and colored on the inside, it flaunts an appealing dual-tone finish. Make even the simplest of all beverages and most regular snacks look presentable by serving them in this metal tray.
  • Bronze metal construction outside
  • Coloured inside
  • Decorative tableware for evening parties
  • Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher safe  
  1. Bronze Metal Bowl 25 cm White

    SKU: 5046.027.25

  2. Bronze Metal Bowl 20 cm White

    SKU: 5046.027.20

  3. Bronze Metal Bowl 20 cm Charcoal

    SKU: 5047.027.20